• Thomas Dubiel

    Thomas Dubiel

    Software Engineer

  • Milan Parmar

    Milan Parmar

    Software Engineer 👨🏽‍💻 | Full Stack Web Development 💻 | Smartphone Tech Enthusiast📱

  • Jeffrey Martinez

    Jeffrey Martinez

    I am a graduate from Flatiron School for Software Engineer. Studied HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, Sinatra, and Sqlite3

  • Ludmila Korchnoy

    Ludmila Korchnoy

    Hello World! I’m a Full stack web developer experienced in Ruby and JavaScript frameworks. I graduated Flatiron School in October of 2020.

  • Mohamedabobakrhassan


  • Austin Evans

    Austin Evans

    Software Engineer, Front End React Developer

  • Timothy Austen

    Timothy Austen

    An Australian living in America, I love 3d printing, Dungeons & Dragons, and my big, tight-knit family (13 of us in the house). Not necessarily in that order.

  • Rajivmishra


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